Thesis (vst)

This delay is housing a pitch shifter, LFO modulation and feedback. It works great on vocals, giving them that alien qualities. Combining tempo sync with MIDI input makes it easy to sync to your host tempo and musically alter the delay times at the same time. Both sample and hold- and modulation delay mode can be applied. Adding interpolation and window settings to ensure the quality stays at an excellent level.  Equipped with options to manage and excite movement in the stereo image, this plugin can create stereo. In short it does all the things a modulation delay does, being able to take it a step forward from there. It comes equipped with an all new keyboard integrated preset system. Making the saving and loading of presets a joy to use. Release 1.9 is now available in the registered users area, integrating a timestretcher, continuos feedback mode and more ways of getting controlled patterns. As wel as some more LFO modes like random, unison and Haas effect.

Click here for a video walkthrough

You can get the full version here Or visit the demo area for a free tryout.


  • price:  /21,-  
  • type: digital download
  • platform: Windows/32bit
  • format: VST
  • compatibility: VST 2.3 compatible host. X86 or higher.